I’m an open book. My hope is Earthy Gurl will be a feel good blog that inspires us all to feel great about ourselves, no matter where we are at in life. That we could live life to the fullest without worrying about our shape, size, last meal, how many items of clothes we have etc.. Let’s get back to being us and being free! I have to choose daily to not let society tell me what the definition of pretty is. Let’s get back to our roots and be beautiful just as we are.

This blog is going to be a hobby of mine for fun and hopefully inspire all those around to break free! Can’t wait to meet you!

Love Marian (Earthy Gurl)

  1. Wouldn’t that be something if everyone could see how often society dictates how we feel about ourselves? As we get older I think those things are somewhat easier to deal with, but the pressures are still there. I always look forward to new and inspiring blogs! Welcome to WordPress. 🙂

    • Aw April, Thanks for the sweet comment:) Yes I agree, as we get older it’s easier to except ourselves, but the pressure is really intense when we are younger. Oh how I wish I could go back to my younger self and talk to her!

  2. ❤ your philosophy!!! Cant wait to read!! 😀

    • Thanks so much for stopping by!!!<3 I've been a LONG time reader of your blog. It's a favorite:)

  3. Really glad you stopped by my page! Love your philosophy and judging by the picture under your recipes header you make some delicious looking food that I cannot wait to try!! You definitely have a new stalker… I mean reader!! 😉

    • Hayley you made me laugh out loud! We can both stalk each others blogs:0

  4. awww… that’s true! I like it how you see things. ME too! We’re the captain of our lives! Sail the boat the way we want it!

    • Thanks for stopping by:) I’m heading over to your blog right now:)

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