Who’s got a cold?

Life has been busy! We’ve been spending time in orange county visiting family and attending weddings and birthday parties and we are headed back down again! All this running around must be wearing on me because I have a COLD! Gurrrrr…………. When I ate such a clean diet I NEVER got sick!! Now that My pregnancy nausea finally went completely away at the rightful 6 month mark I can finally start transitioning into my old diet. Although I can’t shock my system back into the way I used to eat over night because it was far too clean. Im taking it slowly, but when you don’t eat as healthy your body lets you know. I went from never getting sick to having two horrible colds in the last TWO Months:( I know, my immune system is lower because of pregnancy, but all the more reason to pump up my veggie and green juice intake now that I don’t want to hurl every minute of the day.

Here is some farmers market loot. I had put most of the veggies away for juicing before the photo. Nothing like eating local.


I’ve also been making smoothies out of EVERYTHING! Again, the thought of a smoothie wanted to make me hurl for so long that it’s nice to have them back in my life. I can pack so many nutrients in each blend.


Not to mention it’s just wrong to have a cold when our weather has been so nice!

Here’s a shot of me enjoying our beach!


and a shot from the wedding this last weekend. Me with my oldest brothers.


I leave you with a joke from my friends son.

“what do you call a snail that’s on a ship? A snailor.”

Love kids! Can’t wait to have my own soon!!



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