Running Around and Tofu Recipe

Hi all!

Today was so busy! I somehow managed to sleep in until 8Am this morning! I tell ya, this pregnancy stuff really makes you a different person. I never cared for sleep. Even in High School! I often would sleep at friends houses and leave in the morning from total boredom of waiting around for them to wake up. I always said I’ll sleep when I die. Well, now I LOVE it!

JUICE: Just oranges! The hubs juiced for me. Sometimes I’m kinda crazy anal about getting a bunch of veggies in my juice but every now and then straight up orange juice is so good. Extra vitamin C for sure!


EXERCISE: I headed out the door at 9:30 to meet up with 3 other Mom friends of mine to Hike around one of our many Missions here on the Central Coast of Cali. The weather has been perfect here. Cool in the morning and night and warm during the day. Fall is the BEST time of year here! I didn’t get home until close to 12Pm made a quick green smoothie and rushed out the door to high light a friends hair. hung out with her and her little girl for the afternoon and went grocery shopping. I go through phases where I like it then loath it. Right now I loath it!

I was hangry! hot (I think it’s this little baby making me hot these days) and my cart kept wanting to veer to the left, I practically had to jog pushing my cart to the right to get it to just go straight. Dramatic aren’t I?

Once done shopping and eating 4 pickles on the way home I started dinner. Streamed veggies, brown rice, tofu and artichoke were on the menu. IT was AMAZING!!!

I wanted an easy tofu recipe to follow and new just the place to find it!

At say what you need to say blog

Lauren always has yummy recipes. I only followed the tofu recipe but revised it a bit.



TOFU: Pressed the water out of the firm tofu

-marinated it with apple cider vinegar, salt and Mediterranean hummus from Trader Joe’s.

-broiled it in the oven for 5 minutes then turn it over and broiled the other side for another 5 minutes, put tofu in a skillet and sautéed it a bit with earth balance to seal the deal! IT was excellent!


QUESTION: Do you like to grocery shop or does it make you want to procrastinate with anything you can to avoid it?

  1. So glad you love the tofu! You’re making me crave it now. It’s been ages since I’ve made tofu. Take care girl!

    • You made it look so easy I got the courage to try! and success!:)

  2. That tofu bowl look amazing and it seriously making me consider cooking some up for tonight! I am definitely the type that LOVES to take my time grocery shopping, but if I hungry I am not the biggest fan.

    • thanks Girl! The tofu was quite amazing! Not sure why I’ve been so afraid to cook it!

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