Fruit leathers and we are back!

Are you excited?! You should be, because for one I’m back from Vacation with my Mom, (insert sarcasm) and two I’m giving you a recipe for fruit leathers. To call it a recipe is kinda silly. It’s so easy!





-Wash and rinse fruit of choice

-Place fruit in a high powered blender ( I use the beloved VITAMIX)

-Add a pinch of salt

-Optional agave, honey, or stevia to taste. (it may be sweet enough on it’s own, you will have to taste it to see

I used stevia since I’m not a fan of sugar unless it’s from a fruit. I know, sue me, but it’s how I roll.

– Pour fruit blend onto dehydrator trays.

-Make sure you don’t spread it too thin! I did one time and it turned out like seaweed or rice paper, not very leathery. More like crispy crackers. Not good.

Dehydrate at 105 for 12 hours. Enjoy!

If you don’t have a dehydrator you could look up how long and what temp to make the fruit leathers in your oven.

I will give you a recap of our San Fran trip soon! Oh and Joshua says my tummy is really starting to look like it’s pregnant! yay! finally! almost 6 months!

Anyone ever made fruit leathers before?

I seem to be craving anything fruit this pregnancy!

  1. Kim said:

    My boyfriend has a dehydrator and I am really wanting to use it! I will definitely try this out– I love fruit leather 🙂

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