Hike it out

Hi all! Thursday was a great day! I had the day off, slept in and woke up to get some much needed cleaning done around the house, and juice! This was my winning combo for the morning:) Whole head of romaine, 1 apple and carrots.


I felt so good about getting all my chores done before my Mom gets here! My Momma is coming tomorrow and we are going to be in the bay area for 5 days going to her High School Reunion and visiting family. I can’t wait! I’ll take lots of photos but blogging won’t happen until I get back. I’m not lugging my laptop on this trip. It’s solely for Momma and daughter time! Eep I can’t wait!

Once all my chores were done, I headed out the door ready for a hike with a good friend of mine. She’s an herbalist and a wealth of information. I LOVE hanging out with her. She got me some nettle tea fro pregnancy:)

Hey, Hey, 5 1/2 months pregnant!

We hiked a good hike. I was gone for almost 4 hours. I came back with tired legs and really awesome sunburn tan lines.

LUNCH: I instagrammed this baby! Green coconut smoothie. Mango (Although I wanted pineapple but Josh finished the pineapple) coconut milk, coconut shreds and spinach.


DINNER: Salad with avo, goats cheese, veggie chili, roasted broccoli, fresh tomato & corn. Delish!

I just finished packing for my get away with my Mom and practicing worship for college group bible study tomorrow night and I can’t wait for my Mom to get here tomorrow! I’m going to hang with Joshua now since I won’t see him for 5 days. I’m kinda obsessed with the guy!

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