Food Prep

Hi, Hi! Wednesday was crazy! Same as today! I have no complaints. Life is good:) My only complaint would be that I have been using my little point and shoot to tote around with me instead of my DSLR and I’ve become quite the camera snob. I can’t stand these photos. I just need to get over it! Or lug around my DSLR camera everywhere. hah!

FOOD PREP: So, I always prep plenty of food for me when I have a long work day. Yesterday was one of them! I not only work for a Doctor taking care of people’s skin, but I also work for an all natural skin care company that’s amazing! No chemicals:) Okay back to food prep. I made a green smoothie for snack/breakfast, LaraBar for snack, half a turkey sandwich with watermelon for lunch and carrots with peanut for snack.


Got off work and started to work on this little beauty…

DINNER: I made a big bowl of greens underneath everything I promise! Topped it with cooked broccoli, fresh tomato from the farmer’s market, goats cheese crumbles, baked potato slices, with some ketchup and vegenaise. Josh wanted burgers so this was kinda my way of making a burger-ish salad. I swear that glop of vegenaise was not as big as it appears. It was so good!


I quickly scarfed down my food and ran off to church with guitar in hand to do worship, got home late hit the hay for oh you know 10 hours! I guess I was tired.

QUESTION: I have been more of a 3 meals kinda gal but since pregnant it’s more like 5-6 mini meals. I can’t quite seem to find the perfect 3PM snack yet. Either the snack leaves me starving until dinner or a little too filling for full hunger to hit for dinner. Hmmm anyone have any good suggestions? Alright, I’m off to hang out with Joshua!

Nighty night



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