I’m back! 21 weeks pregnant update and being totally honest with you all

photo (1).jpeg

Hello out there! I always said I wouldn’t be the blogger who said sorry if I hadn’t blogged in a while, but sorry!

Since becoming pregnant over 5 months ago, it’s been a HUGE life changer. Starting with, morning sickness. Not sure why it’s called morning sickness because truly it’s all day sickness! At least in my case it was! The morning sickness started to finally wear off around 18 weeks. Praise Jesus! I wasn’t in much of a blogging mood when I wanted to lose my cookies all the time if you know what I mean. I hope to blog more regularly about my daily life, and be a lot more honest.

HONEST ALERT: I started this little blog over a year ago to keep myself occupied with my time and thoughts. These last two years have been challenging. The million dollar question I get after I tell people I’m pregnant. ” Were you guys trying?” The answer to that YES! We tried for quite some time and it just wasn’t happening. I would spend the start of most periods crying, but Joshua was so patient with me reminding me in God’s timing it will happen and it did! I will go into full detail in another post, but I wanted to say sorry to any readers out there( if there’s any left) that I wasn’t more open and honest in my blog. I started the blog to keep myself distracted from not being able to get pregnant. I grew a lot as a person, started to get into some fun crafty things and take on new hobbies. For starters. I learned to crochet, sew, blog, photography, health, play guitar and now do worship for our church regularly. I also learned to draw! It was fun to find things to keep myself occupied and I’m so grateful for that!

FOOD: I also am SOOOOO beyond passionate about health and exercise but never got the chance to translate that onto my blog because when I started this little gem I also started a detox to see if I could help my little body along to be a good garden for pregnancy, and let’s be honest, blogging your eats when you are detoxing are well, BORING! so I can’t wait to share more of my eats either!

CURRENTLY: Josh, myself and baby are doing great! I’m 21 weeks to date and the nausea if finally gone and my appetite is SLOWLY going back to normal.

FOOD CRAVINGS: None really to date. I just like cold things and lots of citrus and fruit. I’ve also been eating turkey sandwiches like it’s my job! PS pickles taste a thousand time’s better pregnant;)

FOOD AVERSIONS: salami, eggs (although if someone else cooks the eggs I can tolerate them now) and anything overly sweet.

EXERCISE: I’m a huge exercise fanatic but haven’t exercised much the last year because I thought it was sabotaging my efforts to get pregnant. Silly me, that wasn’t the case. After the first 2 months I slowly added exercise back in and now exercise 6-7 days a week. I always make sure if feels right for my body and if something doesn’t feel right I do a different exercise. I’ve been doing a lot of Tracy Anderson videos, Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred, walking and weight lifting. It feels amazing to work out again

BABY BODY: The bump is growing. I feel overjoyed to be pregnant but sometimes struggle with my changing body. Josh always reminds me I’m beautiful and I quickly snap out of my body worry!

WEIGHT GAIN: i don’t weight myself, only at the Dr.s. At 4 months I put on 3 pounds. Not much, but I believe that’s from so much all day sickness. When I go back at the end of the month ill be almost 6 months and my guess would be I’ve put on a good 12-15 pounds. We will see and I’ll let you know:)

21 weeks.jpeg

HERE’S 21 week bump

download.jpeg  download (1).jpeg download (2).jpeg download (3).jpeg

If you can’t tell from the photos we are having a BOY! So excited! Friends are already buying him adorable outfits. I crocheted that owl beanie for our little love bug when he gets here in Jan 2013.

I think I’ve rattled long enough!

I’m so excited to share more of my daily life and be a lot more transparent. Body, Baby, Family, Eats and all!

Much love Marian<3

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    Words just can’t describe how happy I am for you and Josh!!! Omigosh, I’m so excited that you’re having a boy!!!! 😀 You’ll have fun trying to think of names, (both first and middle). 😉

    • Thank you sooo much!!! We are absolutely thrilled!!! We are having fun with every part of it, but I will say picking out a name has been a lot harder then I expected. I’m sure it will just come to us out of the blue one of these days:)

  2. Marian I had to come by to wish you a big congratulations! Babies are truly a blessing and I am so happy for you and your family. You look beautiful and are glowing. Great that the nausea subsided! Pickles do taste better pregnant! I adored eggs during my pregnancy but Mike had to make them for me! Fried egg sandwiches! I couldn’t get enough!

    • Laury Thank you so much! you are the sweetest! I always read your blog and was so excited when you were pregnant and it always gave me hope that one day when the timing was right I would get pregnant too! So blessed to have great Mamma’s like you paving the way for us newbies!

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