Our 4th!

IMG_5073.jpg IMG_5075.jpg IMG_5076.jpg IMG_5077.jpg IMG_5092.jpg IMG_5083.jpg

Happy 4th! The day after!

We went to our 4th of July parade, then lunch at a health food store cuz that’s how we roll. Josh and I did a fun little photo shoot in the woods which I will show you on Saturday! and went to home depot to get paint, because we are finally finishing painting our house from oh you know 4 years ago! feels good to finally get it done!

We were going to go to our town’s 4th of July firework show that they have EVERY year and meet up with all our family and friends but we were just too tired! So we watched from our bed out the window. So romantical I know!

In other awesome news! IT’s my Mommy’s Birthday today! Happy Birthday Mom! and she is coming up tomorrow to visit for 6 whole days!!! 6 whole days people! and I get 5 days off in a row from work! Doesn’t get much sweeter then that! See you Saturday with our photo shoot!


Anyone else have a happy 4th? What did you do?

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    What a fun Fourth you had! Hometown parades are the best 🙂

    • They are the best! Did you have a good fourth?

  2. Kit-Kat said:

    Yes! It was fantastic! 🙂

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