My Shenanigans


Shenanigans up in here! Josh Can’t seem to keep up with my crazy antiques!

I needed to use jewelry glue and asked the hubs if he had a mask because I didn’t want to breathe in all the fumes. He replied ” yes, but I don’t think your gonna like it” I replied ” Sure I will!”

I honestly didn’t care, I was just happy to not be breathing in horrible glue smells!

Here are some of the things I’ve been making. I LOVE making these wrap bracelets! I’m hoping to open an Etsy shop soon! Annnnnnnnd I can’t wait to reveal my BIG Surprise! almost everything has gone through! Maybe tomorrow? Maybe the weekend? I will be sharing it soon! I hate when I have to wait for other people’s surprised and announcements because I’m so impatient, and now I’m doing it to you! so I’m sorry, but it’s a good one!


Here is a lovely head piece I saw on but I’m far too poor for free people. I just gaze at all their wonderful pieces and try to recreate them!

So I saw a cute headpiece and just crocheted my own! I’m in love!

photo.JPG photo.jpg

Now you probably think wearing crocheted head pieces and things is crazy since it’s summer. Well, I live on the CENTRAL coast of california and the summer time here is in the 70’s. Yes. Cold. So crocheted things are popular year round in these parts. One of the MAJOR things I had to get used to moving from Southern Cali to Central Cali when I got married was the weather. I’m not sure I’ve fully adjusted after all these years but it’s beauty makes up for lack of warmth!


Enough rambling!

QUESTION: Anyone have any fun plans for the 4TH? Josh and I are going to a 4th of July parade in the morning over in the Valley with family and friends where it will be in he 80’s then we are free birds to do whatever we want! maybe beach and the firework show here in town. Enjoy your day off!!!!


    • Thanks! I’m hoping to start an etsy shop soon here:)

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