Ok so it’s been a while. But it’s all good!

Hi! Anyone out there?!

I know, it’s been a while. With VERY VERY good reason. I can’t stand being secretive & all, but sometimes secrets are just necessary! I PROMISE to tell you ALL the details once everything goes through! Man, I’m just bursting with excitement to tell ya!

Ok, enough torture for the evening.

I bring to you a craft. Of course!

I made this flower out of yarn and it was pretty darn cute! I’ve been meaning to show you all sooner seeing that I did it for mother’s day. Wow! Better late then neva!


What you will need :


Hot glue gun

fake flower and scissors.


Hot glue around stem of fake flower while you continuously wrap your yarn to the tippy top!

I would have kept going with the yarn all the way to the top so the flower would have looked more like a rose or lilly but ran out of time, so I just left the old petals as they were.

It’s kinda a fun way to give flowers, since they won’t die.

IMG_4837.jpg IMG_4838.jpg

Happy Mothers day WAY after the fact!


Now, let’s give you some really unedited, I mean, glorious photos of my outfit back in may when it was FREEZING in California! I was complaining about all the layers I had to wear. Pretty sure I had 10 layers up top;)

IMG_4816.jpg IMG_4817.jpg IMG_4818.jpg IMG_4829.jpg

Clearly stoked!

Ok, friends. It may be a little while before I post. Like a said it’s for a good reason! I can’t wait to share!

Hang in there!


    • Thanks! I had to get creative to stay cute and warm:)

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