Heab can change your life too


Hi friends!!!!! I’ve missed you! Lets not spend time apart again? ok?

I woke up this morning for a Heab protein ice cream treat. If you’ve never tried this before. Well, you are missing out my friends. I’ve been in love with this recipe for years. So go and check it out Here and make some!


Very important note. I always thought I could make ice cream consistency with just xanthan gum (which you kinda can) but using both xanthan and guar gum is CRUCIAL! they thicken the ice cream to give it well an ice cream consistency. I purchased my first batch of gums (ew that sounds weird) at Whole foods and then I found them at my regular grocer I believe. Ok, rant done! Go make some!



Yum! Feel free to lick the screen. Complimentary spoon because it will probably be too thick to slurp through a straw.

Question: What is/was your favorite dessert?

Growing up it was ice cream ALL the way! I would pass on cookies, cake and so on, but give me ice cream any day. Now that I can’t have dairy because it gives me UTI’s (TMI I know) I’ve reverted to vegan ice cream and it’s totally awesome!

P.S. My life changing career decision is closing in. In a good way. there was definitely some surprises thrown our way that I will be sharing soon but I’ll keep you posted. God Bless

nighty night

Love Marian<3

  1. definitely gonna try making this one, thank you for sharing! 😀

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