Oodles of Doodles

photo.JPG photo.jpg photo.PNG

Oodles of doodles I tell ya!!!

Why am I obsessed with all things artsy fartsy? Why can’t I decide on one thing? Why must I try all things crafty/artsy?

I can’t really say. I just love expressing myself I suppose.

Funny story. I decided last saturday I was going to teach my self how to draw, and by golly I was gonna do it!

These are my first 4 pieces of drawing art I’ve ever done. I really love it! I mean I’m only 3 days into this hobby but I love it!.

Now, you will just have to keep me from Michael’s craft store. I’m pretty sure I want to buy out their entire section of Copic Markers. I could only purchase 3 since they are a pretty penny, but SO worth it! If you’ve never heard of them. Check them out here .

Why couldn’t I have been related to someone who owned part of the Michaels franchise? Or even the Copic Markers franchise? I regress.

I have a 40% off coupon coming up for Michael’s and when the cashier handed it to me I said that’s really not good for me. I may lose all my pennies there!

So, ladies and gents! Get creative! Say what? IT’s too late to start new hobbies?! No, no, no! You can start anytime! Dream big my friends, have fun & make some doodles!

Love Love Love Marian<2


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