Vaca part 3. St Lucia

Vaca part 3!!!

We kicked off our first formal night! Sorry the shot is blurry. The lights were wacko and the ship was rocking! I mean I guess it makes sense;)

Josh forgot his tie on our last cruise and this cruise he forgot is coat. Hmm. I guess you can never win.




Our second stop was the Beautiful St. Lucia! That was the stop I was very much anticipating!!

We got off the ship knowing we wanted to see everything that St. Lucia had to offer so we wanted to do a tour of the Island.

We walked off the ship and Ran into Junior. Whom we didn’t know but instantly had a connection with him and him with our family. So he asked his boss if he could take us on a personal tour of the island. and boy did he!

The sights we saw! Oh my oh my!

The beaches are gorgeous. the people are friendly, we went and got coconuts where the locals go. Saw some incredible sights.

He showed us the Chocolate plants, banana plants, guava plants.

Banana tree’s are everywhere there so they try to incorporate it into every dish there.

Josh asked Junior how often they ate beef. Junior replied. “Christmas” hmmmm. I think they could teach Americans a thing or two about food!

Some fun stuff, Pirates of the caribbean was filmed here. The bachelor on Jake’s season was filmed there and we saw tons of celebrities houses. Enjoy the photos.

Love Marian<3


IMG_4540.jpg IMG_4541.jpg IMG_4542.jpg IMG_4543.jpg IMG_4544.jpg IMG_4545.jpgIMG_4579.jpg  IMG_4546.jpg IMG_4547.jpg IMG_4581.jpg IMG_4562.jpg IMG_4563.jpg IMG_4564.jpg


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