co co CRAzay!!

What am I totally and completely obsessed with since coming home from our Vacation?

Oh I dunno, Coconut!

It’s complete madness!

Stop the madness!

Wait, no I love it!

Here are my FAVorite forms of coconut right now.

1. Coconut water for drinking straight up.

2. coconut milk for smoothies or coconut ice cream!

3. coconut flakes for after dinner noshing as a dessert

4. uh bananas. BANANAS? well, ya. They go great with coconut so they just get grafted in.

5. Actual fresh coconut!

So, drink up, eat up, blend up and enjoy!

IMG_4739.jpg IMG_4743.jpg IMG_4746.jpg IMG_4745.jpg


Remember to smile like this coconut here. It could really brighten some one’s day!

Click Here for info on the benefits of everything coconut!

Love Marian<3

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    Have you tried to make Banana coconut pops? Here’s what you do:
    You take a banana, split it in half, and stick a popsicle stick on the split side of the banana. Then you dunk the banana halves in melted (vegan) chocolate, and roll in shredded coconut. Next, you place the banana halves on a tray lined with parchment paper and freeze until the chocolate is set. Makes two servings (or one, if you’re obsessed about this recipe like I am!!!)
    It is really yummy!!! 😀

    • Katie I LOVE you!!! This recipe is awesome!! I will make this pronto!!!

      • Kit-Kat said:

        You’re welcome! 🙂

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