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(Josh surfing on VERY small waves compared to california) hehe

Hi friends! So I guess I will start at the beginning of our trip and you will just have to hear all about it and be bombarded with pictures of our vaca for a while:)

We flew into Florida first for 4 days to visit some really close friends of ours and went to watch the sunset not long after we got there.

Our friends were also sweet enough to find a healthy vegan/raw restaurant for us to eat.

You better believe we hit that place up a couple of times after that!

It was Happy Healthy Human. Go check it out! They we’re super nice too! Always a bonus!

The next 4 days were filled with warm beaches and a trip to St Augustine as well. So fun! We also walked around the fort there. We wanted to go in

but at $10 a person we figured we would just walk around it!

The weather in Florida was amazing and we were sad to say goodbye to our friends but excited to get on our cruise ship for the caribbean, bahamas & virgin islands! Little did we know we would almost miss our ship!

I’ll save the rest for later!

Much love Marian<3

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    It looks so warm there! *said jealously 😉
    I’m glad you had a really great time. Whenever I go to Florida, I’ll want to hit that restaurant now. It sounds like it serves some pretty good vegan stuff!

    • Oh my goodness it was SO warm!!! It was so nice I must say;/ and yes if you ever get over that way that restaurant was a high light of our trip! Well, for me at least. I’m not sure everyone else was thrilled with Vegan raw dining. hehe

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