Country life

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Hi to all!!! We are back from our cruise!! What a blessed trip is was! I will post all the deets and pictures here soon! but for now! lets talk country living!

I grew up in the City NEVER EVER thinking I would live in the county! Funny how God works right? Well, I married Josh, and once I said I do

off t0 the country we went! I won’t lie. It was HARD. I was so used to the City, but now that I’ve lived here a while I see the beauty of the county. I feel like I’m in God’s land! Gorgeous I tell ya!

Mountains, vineyards, beach, ocean and the list goes on. It’s truly a paradise!

Not sure what God has for us in the future, but I’m resting in being content wherever God has me/ us!

Anyone else have a similar story. Gone from City to country or vise versa? I’m all ears!

Love Marian<3


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