Phone is the star

photo.jpg photo.jpg photo.jpg photo.jpg

Hey hi there! What’s new? So, life is crazy busy and fashion posts are phone posts now!

Yupper rooski!

God, Family & work are always first priority, but this little blog of mine I love! So, sometimes my phone has to be the star.

My phone gets jealous of my cannon rebel anyway!

It was quite cold and windy today! California’s weather is schizophrenic lately and can’t decide if it wants to be boiling hot one week or rainy and windy the next.

Love Marian and her iphone<3

  1. I love those boots on you. But i would probably fall over in them. I’m a total klutz!

    • Tasha! I seriously had to get used to wearing those things! They can be instant ankle breakers! but I love them so their worth the risk hah!

  2. Kit-Kat said:

    You are so pretty! ❤

    • Aw Katie! Thank you! you really are too sweet! 🙂

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