Hi friends!

Wowzers! Things are getting cray zay! as our Caribbean cruise is fast approaching in just days!

Tying up all loose ends at work is kicking our butt’s! Not to mention the hubs has a cold! So pray I don’ get it!

I start work at 6Am tomorrow so I need my beauty rest ya hear! It was either do a huge blog post and lose sleep or pop in to say hi and get my beauty resting on!

I choose beauty rest! With a side of juice!

Some WAY cool updates for you in a hot minute!

1 I’ve started leading the worship for my women’s bible study! Love it!

2 my house got completely cleaned this morning. I dunno where I had the energy or time to do it, but God multiplies hours I think;)

3 We are going to be on our vacation in just days!!!!!

4 There’s probably lots of grammatical errors going on with this post from pure exhaustion. Cool I know.

Ok, off to bed! Night lovely friends!

Much Love


  1. Rebekah Kirkpatrick said:

    Have fun! Love the mustard gold headband!!

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