In a day


Hi friends! How’s it going? Things are going very good in this little nest of ours.

It’s a new season in our household and I’m loving it!

The main word for this season you ask? simplify, simplify, simplify.

We may be as busy as ever between my two jobs/extra activities of daily life, but we are happy.

I’m focusing more on the important things in life & I’m IN LOVE with my job that only makes natural, spa and body care products.

They don’t use ANY chemicals or synthetics. IT’s the REAL deal!

Nothing bad I promise! I often find myself confused at the body products in health stores when checking the ingredients, only to find they have chemicals.

So this is a nice alternative, and the products are great! I’m not just saying it because I work for them but they really are second to none!

I’m happy!


I said I would show you my (eats as of late) and even though I’ve been eating fairly healthy since 2009 I’ve never felt as amazing as I do now with juicing and all the green consumption.

I think back to 2007-2008 when I thought, low calorie bread, I can’t believe it’s not butter (um then what the heck is it?!) topped with sugar free jam was well, the jam. Meaning I thought it was healthy. Can you say disordered. ya. Glad that’s so over with. Although the way I eat now if I were to have jumped into it back then would have been miserable because I would have felt it was too restrictive. Not the case today. I eat healthy for health. Not weight ladies. Remember that! Eat for your health!

Ok onto what I ate today! There were so many adventures The hubs and I had today but today’s post is about food!

I woke up with tea, I Always have tea. My obsession.

We were off to church then grocery shopping.

I might have remembered me crying in the car in front of the grocery store about something silly/non crying worthy, but my red aunt flow is coming and she makes me teary eyed. Shame.

Then we headed out to the farmers market to pick up goods for JUICING!

Here is my kale, romaine, spinach, and beet juice. Drink up!


Then we headed out to the country side for vintage and antique shopping and some sight seeing, where I froze my toosh off! The mountains next to us had snow. Yes I’m from California and I’m a wimp with cold. I then proceeded to drink a freezing smoothie. Makes sense I know;)


What’s green with green & green all over? My smoothie.


spinach, romaine, peas, avocado, banana, water & a pinch of almond milk

I filled my glass dice, I mean twice.


Tea. You guessed right.

With goji berries! I love goji’s but they don’t love my throat so you won’t be seeing them anymore. Unless I decide to have my esophagus on fire in the near future. Uh, I highly recommend them.



Salad: every veggie possible, with sweet potato. No dressing needed, ever actually. My palate is bland most would say but veggies have too much flavor to be covered up!


Cheers with tea and to all a good night!


Much love friends!!



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