So remember when I said I wanted to (slow down) ? well, I have! I got the day off today and it’s been quite glorious! I woke up bright an early since that’s what I prefer. Spent time with the Lord, did our MOUND of laundry, dishes, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms (My least favorite house duty). I think it’s because I always had bathrooms for clean up when I was in Bible college in Maui. Maui = hot and humid which= stanky bathroom. Where was I?

Yes, my lazy day. I then proceeded to chat on the phone do some business stuff, take a nap. yes, a nap people!

watch netflix, and finish up the (Crazy Sexy Diet). Loved it! Now I just need to read it a second time to let it absorb, I’m a speed reader because I just want to keep turning the pages for more! Anyone else do this?

The only thing is, I wish she didn’t cuss in it, but I put on my big girl panties and tried to over look that.

I’ve changed my diet a lot over the last 3 years, and it’s ever revolving, but the healthier and more raw I eat the more I love it, and it’s honestly not something I feel forced to do. I feel as though I’m really living!

You can go to her (website) to check it out:)

I’m thinking of recording my eats tomorrow and putting them up the next day for ya! Let me know if you would be interested in it. It may be exciting to some and super boring to others. Probably the latter;)

Well lady’s and Gent’s. Make sure to get your rest anyway you can!

I’m off to my women’s bible study, well, scratch that, I’m off to shower since it’s 3:15 PM and I’m still in my pajama’s

Much Love Marian<3

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