Well, we were off! All snuggled in tight clothes to make us feel not so anxious on the car ride down south. I’m speaking on Gidgets behalf.


Didn’t know fountains were so cool. Just ask these two




Head bands for the nieces. Did I mention I crocheted? Oh ya, only a thousand times


Auntie curling hair


Youth room at church. Oh to be young again




Pregnant sissy


Where I stayed on retreat. Nice no?

The retreat was just what I needed. There was a lot of talk about our identity in Christ. We (including myself) put so much value on what we identify ourselves with. I got to thinking, I do all these things, singing, guitar, wife, esthetician, cosmetologist, crocheting, healthy living/cooking, baker and more, yet it’s silly of me to identify myself with these things. Those things aren’t my identity. Christ is! what a relief! That’s it. My identity is Christ and I’m so grateful I don’t have to make my identity in these earthly things. Their just hobbies, but not me, not my identity.

I also felt the Lord was telling me to slow down. I have a constant nack for always being on the go and doing a million things at once because deep down if I’m not completely busy I feel as though I’m just wasting my life. In reality It’s just down right selfish. Selfish because my own insecurity of idle time means I’m doing a bazillion things at once and that = my loved ones only getting a sliver of the pie! I’m refocusing my priorities and I can tell already I’m way more peaceful! Amen amen!

Anyone else had any recent revelations?

Much love to you all!


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