My day in Pictures






Hello, hi there!

Where to start, from the top I suppose.

I started out the day with reading my bible as I do every morning and the Lord is REALLY humbling me. I tell ya, the more I empty myself of me the more God can work.

I just need to really move over and let him drive!

I got my purse together for work & worked my little patooty off on only 5 hours of sleep. SShhhhhhh…….. Don’t tell anyone, especially Josh. I stayed up way too late with netflix while crocheting. (party animal over here)

I had the most delicious simple salad for dinner. I’m finding simple in life is best in life, just not in my wardrobe, I like crazy!

I then made a HUGE mess trying to pack! I’m going on women’s retreat with my Mom and sister in-law and I can’t wait!

Much love! Happy almost weekend!! What are your plans???

Love Love Love Marian<3

  1. Isn’t God just amazing?! Reading his word definitely humbles me, and makes me want to be more like him in every way. I hope you have a great time at the retreat!

    • Natalie its so true! I love how we have to be reminded of such simple things everyday by such a big God! And yes his word keeps me humble, I’m just a speck! God bless you girl! Hugs!! Marian<3

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