shoulder pads and crocheting. I love all things granny!

Hi there! So the other day I went thrifting! I tweeted and blogged about it and on Friday night I was removing shoulder pads from my granny sweater, because that’s what all cool people do on their Friday nights. Any who, I LOVE all things granny, but I do draw the line at shoulder pads. So here is the precious granny shirt in all her glory. With complimentary braids:)


then I was feeling a little or a lot inspired to crochet some head bands! You all know I love bobwilson123 from youtube! She’s great and her tutorials are so simple to follow.



So I busted out the goods and went to work! I’m so happy with the end result! I also made a mustard colored one with an adorable bow!

Here are the links to the (flower) video & the (headband) video



  1. Marietjie said:

    Wow, you are very talented Marian! I am busy crocheting flowers for two scatter cushions I made, love making pretty things!

    • Wow crocheting flowers for scatter cushions! I would love to see that!;)

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