Little glitter + warm beaches


IMG_3947.jpg IMG_3959.jpg IMG_3960.jpg IMG_3964.jpg

Truth be told my friends, I have a fear of glitter.

The HORROR I know. Something about it kind of makes me cringe, in all forms. I’m mostly afraid it will stick to me for the rest of my life and I won’t be able to get it off no matter how many times I shower.

Anyway, glad that’s behind us.

So, glitter nails are a step in the right direction. It more like glues the glitter to your nails. I can deal, I think:)

I just put some on my ring fingers.

Josh and I are going on a cruise with my family pretty soon and I’m thinking bright nails will be my choice! The cruise is to the Caribbean, and I can’t wait!! I’m so looking forward to some R&R with the hubby.

hmmmm, it’s starting to rain outside and thoughts of warm beaches sound pretty nice about now<3

Well, for now, I’ll be cuddling up with a book.

Have a wonderful evening my friends!



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