Baby Shower

IMG_4117.jpg IMG_4073.jpg IMG_4078.jpg IMG_4069.jpg

IMG_4054.jpg IMG_4060.jpg IMG_4070.jpg IMG_4068.jpg

Sister in-Law’s Baby shower!!!<3!!!

We had a wonderful weekend!

It’s never long enough, just NEVER!

I cry every time I leave my family, but God is so good and I feel so blessed they live within driving distance. Not much room to be able to complain here, so I think I shall stop:)

Josh and I had a good conversation on the drive home. What my goals and dreams are in life & I’m feeling very inspired and at ease. Things in my line of work our getting exciting and confusing all at the same time. I never said I have all the answers:) God does though and he knows:) So I trust, I trust he will lead me where he wants me, comfort me when in need, sustain me while being far away from family. All in all it was a good weekend. We sometimes need to step outside our circumstances to see the bigger picture, so although a weekend away, it was quite the refresher.

More to come my friends, have a blessed tuesday!


  1. Marietjie said:

    Hi Marian, Looks like a wonderful weekend, now I miss my family, they live quite far away… You are so beautiful, goodness me! Have a blessed day.

  2. Marietjie!!! So good to hear from you!!!! Aw, how far away does your family live? I know, I have to remind myself how blessed I am that I can drive to see my family.

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