Just call me nurse Marian

Hi friends! Lets be honest. I’m not a real parent yet, but I’m a parent to fur babies and my little Fur Baby Brody had to go in for unplanned surgery yesterday.

Poor boy. He had a ruptured anal gland. Ya, not good. So I’m taking care of this little sweetie pie.


So, for now while I’m on fur baby alert I’ll show you some PINspiration on my (Pinterest)

Hair inspiration. I’m obsessed with all things pinterest. Let me know who you are so I can follow you<3


(Vintage meets new up do)


(beach waves

) 201202160627.jpg

fun braids



pretty curls


Love the flowers in the hair


  1. Poor Baby! Breaks my heart when our sweet fur-pups fall ill or hurt themselves. Honestly, I think it’s easier enduring my husband injuries from sports, than it is to see my lil girl in pain. Terrible wife or fantastic dog-mom? LOL. Hope he feels better soon, Marian!

    • Cara I’m totally the same way! I feel bad because they can’t understand why their in pain and they get so scared when I take them to the vet! He’s a WAY happier camper today thank goodness!

  2. Love these! I never thought of looking at ahirdos on pinterest. genius, especially since i am 100% horrible at doing my hair and typically dont haha but a girl can dream!

    • Andrea I’ve been obsessed with the hair section on pinterest! pretty simple and straight forward. I’m in love! yes we can always dream:) Marian<3

  3. Amanda said:

    Oooo I love the vintage updo! If you figure it out you’ll have to show me! xo

    • amanda it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m thinking we could put the halo extensions in and do some back coming and make it work. Fun fun!

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