Some guarantess being married to a surfer

Happy Valentines day everyone!!!!!!!!

Surfing adventures.

Being married to a surfer comes with a couple guarantees.

1 you will always live close to a beach

2 You will have to TRY to not be offended that their compulsion to surf all the time takes priority over almost all things (even quality time together)

3 totally shallow yet a total perk they will always be tan and buff. Need I say more?

Well, since surfers well, surf so much, I thought our hobbies should collide and we could get quality time together (kinda) doing what we love. him surfing, me photography. win win

photo.JPG photo.JPG

Me perched on a hill taking photos of the boys. and awkwardly trying to act like the stranger practically doing a yoga class in my lap before he surfed was normal. I think not. I desperately wanted it to be one of the guys playing a joke on me but sadly it was not

Next shot of my rings from Mexico.


here we are relaxing at the end of the surf session. I Love me some hubs<3

Our next surf excursion took us to our local beach. Look at our drive to the beach! Gorgeous no?

Josh in true surfer fashion had to bust out the camera for some pre surfing wave shots.


and the surf session came to an end and so is this post.


Hope everyone is having a good start to their week and I can tell the Lord is so working on my heart!

I was at women’s bible study tonight (the message was awesome by the way) and the Lord spoke to me saying that he wanted me to hang out for a little bit after. I usually leave fairly quick so that I can get back in time before the Mens prayer group at our house gets into swing so I don’t interrupt them, but the Lord told me to stay and then I really wanted Cindi at our church to prayer for me, but didn’t tell her and decided to see if the Lord would lead her and he did! She came up to me out of the blue saying the Lord told her to come over and pray for me for exactly what I wanted prayer for!!! I’m so stoked right now! God is so good and he’s doing a work. It’s truly radical. I’m so glad we serve a living, loving God.

Hope that encourages someone out there. Have a blessed Tuesday! Happy Valentines day!!! I LOVE you Joshua!!!!



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