Moo, I love my shoe

What’s been going on you ask?????

Intelligent conversations people!!!

First things first! Josh was taking WAY to long in Big5 after dinner. Here I was stuck in the car with his Thai food leftovers and really having to use the restroom! So what did I do. What any not normal gal does. Stalk with my eyes as best I could to see if I could see him from the car and I noticed a guy with a beard talking to someone who I thought could potentially be Josh so this is what I text him.


after I text that, I saw Josh walking to the car laughing and he said his friend (AKA bearded boy) died laughing when Josh read him the text telling him he needed to leave because his wife said he needed to stop talking to bearded boys.

The next intelligent conversation was with my Best friend. I really can’t explain this one other then we’re weird, always been weird, and will always be weird. But we sure do love us some Bieb, Justin Bieb that is…


And what else has been going down? The usually, seeing cows on the way to the beach and me obsessing over some item of clothing/accessory

I titled this on Instagram

“Moo, I love my shoe”

Because well people, it’s how I/we roll


All joking aside. This weekend has been a blasty! Lots of friend time with more to come and I saw the vow today with a bunch of girls and instantly felt like I was back in High school because there was such a large group of us, but I loved every minute! and I love all of you! Enjoy your Sunday and I will Moo, I mean too:)



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