Angels fan

IMG_3886.jpg IMG_3888.jpg

Shoes (payless) Angles top (target) ((blue jeans)

I’m an Angels Baseball fan through and through. Don’t try to change my mind because it just won’t happen! Don’t be fooled by the blue pants (nope that’s not for the LA Dodgers)

The weather has gone from sunny & hot to rainy and cold, to sunshine again. Schizophrenic? maybe, but there’s a whole lot of sun in there for it being February. Not only is there sun to look forward to but church this evening, having friends over for dinner this week, finishing up sewing projects, a friends birthday/girl day, and having friends come up and visit! All happening within this week! I’ve got my running shoes on and I’m ready for it;)

In other non important news in the life of Marian,

I’ve still yet to figure out my photoshop. It’s a talent I have,not being able to figure out computer stuff. Pure talent I say!

Much Love & God Bless


  1. Love the blue! I’ve been learning Illustrator myself these days, tough stuff! You should try–it’s the best for autodidacts!

    • Thank you so much!! I will have to do that! 🙂 Have a great Wednesday!! Marian<3

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