When Hobbies Collide & Sugar Cookies

IMG_3875.jpg IMG_3876.jpg

Yummy Sugar Cookies with Maple icing and sprinkles

I wish I could give them to you each in person because this blogging community has been so sweet to me and you all are pretty much the coolest!!! Can I give you all virtual hugs?! Ok, good. Glad that’s settled, but really, you all are awesome and I love you!

So these sugar cookies are scrumptious plus

Very simple to make, I got the recipe (for the sugar cookies Here) & After freezing the dough, I began to cut it up and bake, bake, bake. I made a double batch because it was for the Men’s prayer group.

I also made maple icing by mixing

1/2 Cup Powdered sugar

1/8 tsp maple extract

Few drops of almond milk for creamy consistency

I probably tripled the recipe:o Which was too much!

Any who, back to the cookies!

Okay, so I didn’t try them but the hubs said they were good, maybe a bit too hard. I might have got a little too into my guitar playing and let them overcook (blushing) I have hobbies people! Hobbies that seem to coincide with each other at the same time:) leading to some hiccups every now and then. All is forgiven though. What a guy.

Hope you try them and don’t get distracted playing guitar;)


IMG_3879.jpg IMG_3881.jpg IMG_3885.jpg

  1. Roxanne said:

    Those look absolutely scrumptious! And thanks for the hugs and cookies. LOL =D

    • So glad you can enjoy my virtual hugs and cookies! Hehehe.

  2. Kit-Kat said:

    I love anything with maple! Yum!

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