5 things I’m loving

5 things I’m loving right now


1. Pasta Dishes That my Mother gave me. Today’s lunch, kale, arugula topped with fresh tomato’s, spiralized zucchini, raw pasta sauce and shaved goat’s cheese


2. Chocolate Almond Milk.

It may say Raw Goat milk but it’s actually Chocolate Almond milk! Josh and I can’t get enough, and I may be obsessed with using the jar.

IMG_3421.jpg IMG_3422.jpg

3. colorful chalk

I love the colorful chalk we use to write sweet nothings on my vintage chalk board that Josh got me for Christmas.


4. I’m loving decorating my food in my refrigerator to make it look pretty. Such pretty tomato’s


5. Last but not least. I’m LOVING all things yellow. It makes me so happy!

The bouquet of flowers Josh got me for no reason at all except the fact that he loves me makes me really happy too!

Happy weekend to you all! I’m so giddy to relax, and explore with Josh!

Also, would anyone be interested in how to make Chocolate Almond Milk? If so I can show ya!

God Bless


    • Thanks Grace! I love colorful things! Always thinking in color:)

  1. allpowerfulwarriorgodess said:

    yum!! the pasta looks AMAZING!!! and yellow is my favorite color too. so cheery 🙂 x

    • Thanks! The pasta was scrumptious! and yellow is so cheery! I love to wear it too! 🙂

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