Pillow covers

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Envelope pillow cover tutorial (HERE) LOVE this girl! She’s straight to the point. Just my kind of style.

Pillows!!! I’ve been longing to sew pillow covers over my old crusty pillows for FOREVER!! I finally busted out the good old sewing machine, put on some worship music and went to town! six pillow covers I sewed. I miss matched polka dots and blue fabric with rose material and cut out a heart for one of them. The sky was the limit. The last one I made I squished into the pillow cover because I was running out of fabric. I’m not telling which one it is, but you can tell me your guesses. It shouldn’t be very hard:/

I often find myself drawn to people/ in need of being in other peoples presence ALL the time. Not sure why, maybe just an insecurity of mine. Maybe I’m scared of the alone feeling I’m reminded of when my Dad Died. All I know is I need to work on this aspect of my life and I did, by sewing pillow covers all by MYSELF! I felt renewed refreshed and thankful:) Baby steps:) God is working in my heart in so many ways in 2012 and I hope to grow so much more! If January is any indication then this year will be a lot of growth with a lot of growing pains.

Much love to you all.


  1. These are beautiful! The one with the white silk rosettes is stunning. I can’t wait to give this a try 🙂

    • Thanks Cara! You should give them a try. So easy:)

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