Sunny side Casual

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Sunny side Casual

To say the weather is still nice is an understatement, and to say we went casual is right on. Photos complimentary via i-phone because I’m a big nerd and forgot my camera today!

We had a 1 year old birthday bash today and then I had an Office OSHA meeting. So I went with something casual and comfortable Blue Jeans, blue converse, leather jacket and some new Feathered earrings from Kohls that Josh bought for me last night on our date:) Sweetie he is.

Much Love from The sunny side, enjoy your Sunday and see you again with a sewing post next!


  1. Ooo… those royal blue jeans are killer! Very cute, lady!

    • Thanks I’m loving color any and every color lately:)

  2. Kit-Kat said:

    Girl, you’re hot! So glad your hubbie loves you so much! Lucky ducky 😉

    • Thank you so much Katie! I really do feel blessed! and your a blessing to me too:)

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