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Your probably wondering about the title of this post??? (bobwilson123) is pretty much my crocheting hero on youtube!

Click here for Video on how to do the (flower) & ( 3 strand head band)

So here are some of the fun projects that have been going on in this household. I’m a crocheting fool I tell ya!! The head bands are to die for! I’ll take some photos wearing them so you can see the full picture:) Their so easy too! I’m already throwing out promises to girls in my church I would make some for them since their such a breeze:)

My Mom and I got together with my bestie( Amanda) and her Mom to do the headbands and flowers and we loved every minute of it!

Now I got my eye on that red yarn for another infinity scarf!

Can’t wait to show you some sewing projects I’ve been working on as well. If you Follow me on (twitter) Then you have a sneak peak:()

God Bless! Marian<3

  1. OMG ! What a great blog post! THanks for watching my videos 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much! I seriously watch and crochet to all your videos! I don’t know any better source! Thanks for all you do!

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