Layer it up

IMG_3367.jpg IMG_3368.jpg IMG_3377.jpg IMG_3378.jpg IMG_3380.jpg

Jeans (VIGOLD) Shoes (SAM EDELMAM) Jacket (forever 21) Clip in Feathers ( Payless, go figure) Sunglasses (American Eagle Outfitters )

Oh my Mom took these shots. Isn’t she great?! Love you Momma!

Well, It was freezing this last week! and now………… Well, it’s HOT! okay, WARM but still I LOVE this warm weather we got going on here.

When it was freezing while my Momma was here I layered the clothing on. Scarfs always keep me warm and that’s why I used two at a time this week.

Now it’s tank tops and sandals. I needed the warm sunshine anyways, I was feeling a little down with some circumstantial things going on.

So I will share a couple things that I’m grateful for.

1~ my hubby. at times right now I’m feeling as though I’m a failure, yet Josh reminds me daily/nightly before we shut our eyes to sleep that I’m anything but and that I’m the best wife he could ever have dreamed of.

2~ My Family. We are all close and I can share anything with them and we lean on each other for everything.Thick or thin we stick together.

3~ Gods grace. I so need it daily because I fall short.

4~ You guys! I’m so thankful to my readers. It reminds me daily why I do what I do. This blog has been such a fun hobby of mine and I’m loving all the E-mails and interaction I get. You all bless me so much and I’m stinken grateful for you! and a special shout out to Marietjie you totally rocked my socks off!!

God Bless

Love Marian<3 Stay tuned for Crochet madness!! I’m itching to show you:)

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    Love your momma! 🙂 ❤
    And don't forget to be grateful for those pups of yours!

    • Oh yes those puppies I’m so thankful for too! They are great cuddlers:)

  2. Roxanne said:

    I love layering and I love scarfs! =D PS You must be living in Cali because I was wearing scarfs the other day too, man was it freezing…now it’s back to good old 80 degrees and sunny.

    • Roxanne! you totally guessed right! I live in Central Cali. Wasn’t it such a burrrrr?!! Now I’m sweating! No complaints here though. Where about in Cali our you???

      • Roxanne said:

        I am in south oc…beautiful weather…now if only i can find the time to enjoy it.

      • No way! I grew up in Orange county! Too funny! Say hi to my family down there lol. & enjoy the warm sunshine:)

  3. Marietjie said:

    Hi Marian, I love the way you make skinny jeans look feminine. Around here I’ve never seen it worn in a way that really made me want to go out and buy one, but, I think I might just go and try one on next month, maybe it wil look nice on me after all. You’re lovely!

    • Marietjie, Skinny jeans are so fun and nice when tucked into boots! When they first came back into to style I thought I would NEVER wear them, but now I LOVE them! Mostly because like I said they are great to tuck into boots:)

  4. You look gorgeous Marian! Your mom did a terrific job with photos. I’m so impressed of your sweet spirit at such a young age. Your love for God, hubby and family is refreshing! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Oh Grace your comments are always so sweet! They always seem to put a smile on my face:) and you are so refreshing as well!!!!!!<3 Marian<3

  5. Marian! Your accessories and style are super cute 🙂 I’m going to go nose around and see what’s over in your DIY section!


    • Cara, you are too sweet!! I’m so glad you stopped by:) Hugs! Marian<3

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