Hi there! My Momma left today and I’m super sad about that! but, I decided to look back on our fun long weekend to make myself happy.

We crocheted scarfs, headbands and flowers. More Pictures to come of our Crafts


We were just silly


We were also silly while FaceTiming


We stuffed the fridge to maximum capacity with veggies. This is a constant game of tetras with our veggie supply


I found inspiration for projects. I LOVE this button Picture of a Deer and Also LOVE the different painted colors of wood. I want to do this somewhere in our house:)

photo.jpg photo.JPG

Hope you all had a good weekend! I’m off to cuddle the hubs and I will see you tomorrow with another post:)


  1. Marietjie said:

    Hi, I started reading your blog last week. I just want to tell you that I really like the way you view life. I also love the way you dress and the way you see beauty as something that you as an individual finds lovely, not just what the “fashion-world” tells us are beautiful.Love the knitting an crochetting, do that myself as well, love the scarf, must make one! I saw that you are doing the Natalia Rose detox, never heard of it before, but I am now, since Monday, also trying to stick to it, I find that I love eating bananas a bit to much to give that up, but, like you, I think, I also see this more as a way of living, not just something to do for a while, so I adjust it so that I can happily eat and live this way, without feeling that I am missing out and then starting to focus on it the whole time. Just love the way you love your hubby, and verbalise it as well, you challenged me to also do that more, I do it, but I think I can still make him feel more like my hero than I do at the moment. Lots of different thoughts, but, just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, keep up the great work! O, and I’m from South-Africa, isn’t it amazing that we al share similarities, even though we’re miles apart? May God bless you. Marietjie

    • Marietjie!!!!! Your comment seriously made my day/week/month!!!! You are so awesome!! I’m so glad you found me! Let’s do keep in touch for sure. It really is funny how you can grow up so far apart yet have so much in common. I would love to hear more about how your detox is going:) You can always E-mail me at and we can cheer each other on and share tips:)
      What kind of things do you like to crochet??? I’m just starting to get into it.

      • Marietjie said:

        I’m also glad I found you! 🙂 Reading your posts brings me back to what life is really about. I like to crochet scarfs, I’ve also made a big blanket, but that was some time ago, and the newest thing is tea cosies with flowers that I crochet around the top part, it almost looks like a bunch of little flowers. Too bad that we moved to the East Coast where it’s so warm one seriously doesn’t need a cosy… But I still use it anyway, it makes me smile inside and out. Will email you for sure. Hope you and Joshua have an amazing day!

  2. Kit-Kat said:

    The button deer is amazing!

    • I know isn’t it?! I love getting inspired by simple things like that! I can’t wait to try it!

  3. I’ve always wanted a cozy for my tea! I never even thought to crochet that! thanks for the idea:)

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