Morro Bay kinda day

IMG_3204.jpg IMG_3209.jpg IMG_3215.jpg IMG_3212.jpg IMG_3216.jpg IMG_3220.jpg IMG_3222.jpg

Boots (payless) Socks (target) Tights (target) Romper (forever 21) Leather jacket (forever21) Scarf and beanie (gifted)

Over the long weekend. Josh and I headed up the central coast of California for a half day outing. We went to forever21 to make a return. It was pure torture to walk out of there. We will meet again. Until next week!

WE also hit up Victoria Secrets sale! Woohoo! Who doesn’t love a sale and a company who honors expired coupons?

We then headed up to Morro Bay to check out an OLD school refrigerator to convert it into a book shelve. The guy wouldn’t budge on the price so we walked away. Their a dime a dozen so we will find the right one in due time:)

While on our way up to Morro Bay we stopped to take photos at their gorgeous state park! God’s beauty takes my breathe away.

I was inspired to wear my romper in winter because of this (GIRL!)She has awesome fashion sense! She tends to like the different things in life and be more daring in her fashion, which I like to be as well. Shopping is always a fun experience with her.

IMG_3224.jpg IMG_3229.jpg

I melt for this guy<3<3<3


Down the winding road we go……………..

IMG_3237.jpg IMG_3238.jpg IMG_3241.jpg IMG_3248.jpg IMG_3259.jpg IMG_3261.jpg

We then went to new frontiers for dinner and groceries and now are officially broke after shopping there!

We had a great day and as usual I’m feeling completely overwhelmed with God’s Grace, Love, Beauty and the gift that my husband is to me.

Have a awesome day friends!


  1. Kit-Kat said:

    It looks so pretty at the bay. Great photos!

    • Oh of course! You were the inspiration behind it!

  2. What beautiful photos!! You two are a handsome couple!

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