out of the volt


IMG_3176.jpg IMG_3188.jpg IMG_3194.jpg IMG_3196.jpg

Jeans (gifted from friend) Shoes (Forever21) Feather earrings made by my sister! Isn’t she so talented. If anyone wants some let me know:)

Hello again, hello again!

It’s still beautiful here in California and I’m busier then ever!!!

I decided to bust out some shoes I’ve had for quite a while yet haven’t worn because the hubs didn’t like them at first. it’s safe to say it was not love at first site. I figured I would try them again and pull them out of the volt. Well, when I stepped out of the car. He swung open the door pulled me in his arms and said I looked absolutely beautiful! What a sweet guy! Glad he at least thinks that. It’s the only one that counts in my book:) Safe to say the shoes are back in the mix!

Anything your husband wasn’t or isn’t so keen on in your wardrobe???

I should just put on all the things Josh is not a fan of at one time and see what he thinks;)


Mucho Love!!


1 comment
  1. alyson said:

    Absolutely adore your style with the off-the-shoulder top (one of my favorite looks!) paired with those light skinnies. Awesome. California looks gorgeous right about now.

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