Silver Lining

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What Have I been up to????? well, as a part of the (Detox) I’m doing, I can have some chocolate at the end of the day.

I put on my thinking cap when we ran out of chocolate because we don’t have much chocolate in these parts since I’m not a huge chocolate fan. Yikes all that gasping! It’s true, Chocolate is low on the list of eats or likability.

Although, there is some silver lining to this story, since on the detox my taste buds are plain, bland, simple, whatever you want to call it! and you know, chocolate is making those taste buds dance! So I set out to repair our relationship since Chocolate and I are exe’s. Man I hate to beg to be taken back!

Since we were out of the bar kind of chocolate and only had the unsweetened baking chocolate the test was on!

home made chocolate bars ( vegan, GF, Soy free, Sugar Free)

Melted some coco butter in a sauce pan so the bottom of pan was coated.

I melted down the whole box of baking squares in the sauce pan on low heat, you don’t want chocolate to burn.

Then proceeded to add powdered stevia the (nunaturals) brand. They are the best! No icky after taste.

I added the stevia until my desired level of sweetness was happy

I also added a hint of Vanilla Extract and a pinch of coco butter

Once all mixed together I poured it into a glass dish and froze it.

Once home from work, Wahhhhllllaaa Chocolate bars!!!

IMG_3107.jpg IMG_3108.jpg IMG_3110.jpg IMG_3114.jpg

Just be careful this stuff is addicting and super caffeinated. Probably wasn’t a good idea to eat this right before bed. I was like a strung out junkie and slept maybe 3 hours that night. Oops. Small doses people:)

Have a blessed start to your week!



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