Butcher, baker, candlestick maker



butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Ok, not really. Read on.

It’s no surprise I love my husband.

He does many things that always impress me.

Not only is he a great surfer, best friend, godly example, hard worker, professor of his love for me without a care who’s watching or listening

he just so happens to be a good cook and baker.

He made These cookies for his mens prayer group because wifey was too tired from taking care of clients all day. What a guy!

We were short on butter so I looked up a butter free cookie and bam there ya go!

(No butter oatmeal cookies) we added chocolate chips. I couldn’t partake at the moment because I’m (detoxing ) for VERY specific health reasons at the moment that I will give in detail later, because well, you all know, I’m not one to be secret:0

IMG_3078.jpg IMG_3085.jpg


Go make some cookies and snuggle your honey-or dog, or something! In my case I told Josh “I wish I could go EVERYWHERE with you and be a GNOME in your pocket.”

It’s just how we roll in this household. You may or may not be comfortable with it yet:)

Much Love Marian<3


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