Obssesed with lighting

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been obsessed with lighting. Even back in High school when Ikea was the most tangible form of decorating on my poor man budget. I would always anticipate the lighting section.

Here’s some lighting in our house that I love!

IMG_3116.jpg IMG_3121.jpg

Yup, the little girl in that picture is me:) With my brothers of course!

IMG_3125.jpg IMG_3130.jpg

Some awesome lights I’ve been stalking on Pinterest!!!

I have a freakish obsession with (mason)  jars as well.













I just love lighting and the ambiance it gives. Candles are so fun too!

Alright I’m going to lay down. I’m doing the( Natalia Rose ) detox right now for some VERY specific reasons health and personal wise for me, and so far I’m LOVING It!! I’m learning so much about myself, and feeling great! Although at times my body reminds me it’s detoxing indeed so to lay down I go:)

I’m going to do posts through out this detox over the next 30 days to document and kind of journal this whole experience and process. I’m going to start writing those up, so if you have any questions for me you can ask me through my blog, my E-mail earthygurlblog@gmail.com or my twitter.

Ok, have a blessed weekend!


  1. Kit-Kat said:

    Good luck on your detox! My older sister did a detox a while back, with REALLY good results. She looks and feels much better than she did before, so I’m rooting for you! 😉
    And I love lighting, too! Your tastes in your lighting likes are really mind-tickling for me…. Igotta go on Pintrest and see some pics myself! (I love the mason jar idea!)

  2. thank you! I need all the rooting I can get:)
    Aren’t those mason jars so adorable?!

  3. I went to a friends night wedding recently it was something like the last photo. loved it! But I’m also obsessed with natural light so I open all the windows and drapes every morning as soon as the sun is up.
    can’t wait to hear more about your detox.

    • Tasha I bet that was one cool wedding! I love natural light too, especially for my pictures! 😉
      And yes yes there will be lots more about this detox for sure!

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