All you need is LOVE and some perspective

This is what I found while pulling out my clothes from the laundry yesterday!!!!!!!


This is what I said to myself

“What, What is this? A Sharpie in our laundry!? “

“oh no, it is a sharpie”

“Josh put a sharpie in his pants????? and I’ve washed the sharpie”

“All our new clothes are ruined!!!!”

Then tears ensued.

Yup folks, my new clothes, the hubs new clothes and old clothes, ruined. unless your a fan of uneven black dots more like stripe dots, then you can have them:)

After a tearful call to the hubs, I licked my wounds and headed out to the grocery store. An interesting thing happened while driving. I noticed a parent helping their precious handicap child and then it hit me. HELLO! There’s a bigger picture going on here! Their just clothes and we have our health, love, family and an amazing savior.

then This came about.


It was able to add a little laughter to some and help on perspective for me and others.

So with that said, take a look around and see what moves you, touches you, and lets you see that there’s a big picture going on, and that picture for me is LOVE. Christ’s love, Josh’s love, family love, friend love and so much more.

When it’s all said and done. This post is silly, our spotted clothes are silly, but I like silly, LOVE silly.

So laugh it up and LOVE! See that your LOVED and chin up for the rest of the week!

God Bless


  1. Way to keep your head up! A small prob in the scheme of things but I have trouble keeping things like that in mind.

  2. Oh my goodness! That is the worst. Well I ruined a bunch of our clothes the other day by putting my new maroon skinnies in with a load of our fav clothes not thinking HELLO… those bright pants are going to bleed onto all of your clothes!! Uhh!!! Oh well, such is life ha ha!

    • Oh No are the other clothes not wearable?!!!

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