He strikes again

IMG_2980.jpg IMG_2981.jpg IMG_2982.jpg

IMG_2983.jpg IMG_2984.jpg IMG_2986.jpg

Here we are with yet another Vintage piece that Josh got me for Christmas. He strikes again!

You see, I have too much jewelry. What am I saying?! I just have a lot of jewelry, one can never have to much:) heh heh

When Strolling through the vintage stores I set my eyes on this piece and proclaimed my love to it! Not even thinking Josh would buy it for me for Christmas, plus I would never let him spend that kind of money! To my surprise it was mine! Now I can buy I mean store more jewelry in here. I’m crazy for organization. Its a sickness really.

I gave it a little TLC ( vacuumed, windexed and polish) good as new:()

Now I’m feeling all giddy about opening my jewelry cabinet and giddy about the new mirror my mom got me to do my makeup and see all my scary skin flaws in! Told ya if you stick with me it may get strange:)

God Bless


  1. Kit-Kat said:

    So beautiful! You’re one lucky girl to have a guy that cares for you so much! And I agree that you can never have enough jewelry.

  2. Noreen said:

    Very nice! Looks like a high quality piece.

    • Thanks Noreen! I love older stuff. They just don’t make stuff like they used to back then:) Ya know?

  3. Wow!! That jewelry chest is beautiful! I need to go thrifting, everyone always finds the best stuff! And I know what you mean about those mirrors…AHHH monster pores! Haha

    • Yes you do need to thrift. I’m just starting to and it makes me so happy! Glad I’m not the only one that’s afraid of their skin in those mirrors!

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