Look who remembered


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It’s no Surprise I LOVE CHRISTmas!

I also LOVE my husband, That’s no surprise either.

Well, Remember (this time, at the thrift store?) oh you don’t? That’s ok, Josh did! I fell in LOVE with this vintage chalk board and chicken wire decor! I LOVED it and he remembered! I love this guy! Why must you be so awesome to me all the time?! To top things off when I came home from work it was already hanging on the wall. Pretty sure he’s a keeper;)

Also, no surprise with my new found love of ( baby cakes) my beautiful Mommy bought me the first baby cakes book to go along with my second baby cakes book. Ah all is complete.

I’m one happy girl:) Josh also got me another vintage gem but that will have to wait. Any guesses?????

I’m feeling so grateful, blessed and cozy this holiday season<3

Much love and happiness


  1. Rebekah Kirkpatrick said:

    We are so alike! I have a cream frame with chicken wire hanging in my bathroom with my earrings on it! I do love the chalkboard though. Way to go Josh!

    • Do you really?! How funny! We are so alike:)

  2. hippielaceadventures said:

    I love that chalkboard/chicken wire board! Good job husband at remembering how much you loved it, very thoughtful 🙂

    • Thank you I love it too! It’s so fun! and it really was so sweet of him to remember. I never would have bought something like that for myself!

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