baby Cakes Baby Cakes bakers scream!!



hey now, hey now! Hi from us on the Central Coast! Isn’t my Momma a beauty?:) We went over to the Danish town around here and got some super cute crafty things and of course went to lunch at a healthy food spot that’s quite a favorite!

The only thing to top of the day was donuts of course!

Here I was again with yet another Men’s prayer group and I went off to bake as usual while I forced, I mean kindly explained that my parents should watch the movie (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead ).

(So I got my hands dirty baking, and baking I did! These are a( Baby Cakes Delight ) Did ya know this Baby cakes book is vegan and Gluten Free? = perfection in my book!

I might have wanted to scream mid way through because I was in a time crunch and I had never made donuts before, but you know, all things work out, for the most part;)




Needless to say we loved them. ugh, the guys, well, they knew they were healthy, but hopefully still appreciated it;)

I’m off to bed and dreaming up fashion posts for you with all my Christmas shopping I’ve been doing for myself. heh heh

God Bless Fashion to come!


  1. Donuts sound so good right now, and the pictures are good enough to eat, haha 😉
    Can’t wait to see your fashion posts!

  2. Those donuts were yummy! and strangely eaten for breakfast dessert and snack. Or maybe that’s just embarrassing:0

    • No, don’t be embarrassed! The things in that cook book are pretty nutritious despite the sweetness 🙂

      • Yes so very true;)

  3. love donuts, love donut holes! did you use a donut pan? I’ve been wanting to buy one. and I’m crossing my fingers for the babycakes cookbook for christmas.

  4. Oh I really hope you get it! It’s so funny and healthy. My Mom got the cookbook and the donut pans on Amazon:) Make sure to get two donut pans. Trust me it will make your donut baking much more enjoyable:)

  5. Rebekah Kirkpatrick said:

    Ooooh, they look yummy. And your I LOVE your model!!

    • They were so good! I’m going to try more on Sunday:)

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