Coconute Carob Blobs + Baby Cakes!




Carob Coconut Blobs (raw, vegan, GF)

I decided before my parents came up I wanted to make a raw dessert since they have jumped on the juicing band wagon with Josh and I, and their really into eating vegan. Their not Vegan but dipping their toes in, so it’s pretty fun around these parts in our food adventures!

So Carob Coconut Blobs it was:)

I made these from (this recipe) But I used almonds in place of the coconut because I was out of coconut from (these cookies)

They were so worth it! Plus I enjoyed the almonds in these blobs. So head over to Casey’s blog to make these blobs!


We are having a wonderful time with my parents. We went to a favorite restaurant on the Central Coast that’s all Organic. They of course loved it. Saturday and Sunday have been filled with Christmas shopping, Church fellowship, christmas plays, dessert potlucks, and so much more! So blessed! We are off today to head over to the little Danish town to see Christmas decor, gather craft goodies and eat at a favorite health food store for lunch:) More pictures to come! For sure more fashion posts on the way. I’ve embarrassingly been Christmas shopping for myself! Pretty sure the stores count on us to do that!

Anyone else christmas shop for themselves???

Oh, one more thing! You can’t get rid of me:() My mom got me the cook book (Baby Cakes)  and donut pans! Can’t wait to share all the goodies with you.


  1. Good news: donuts are a fave of my brother’s, so I will most likely be baking up what you post from your new book! 🙂

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