These cool people are in town


Happy Saturday!!!

We are enjoying the company of these cool people for the weekend. My parent’s.

Yay for them coming up from Orange County to enjoy a piece of the Central Coast.

I see Christmas shopping, sight seeing, cozy pajama’s hot tea Christmas music and movies in the very near future!

Hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start. Lots of love Marian<3

  1. Oh yes! I’m having a great weekend!
    Me, my “boyfriend” and his sister, his older brother and sister in-law and nephew, and his two cousins, and his sister in-law’s brother, went to Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, and then we saw the new Sherlock Holmes 2 m,ovie (gotta see it! It’s great!!!). It was a great day, and Kelby (aka “boyfriend”) even bought me a leather bracalet with a latin inscription that translates into “I fly with my own wings”. It’s the same words I gave him to write in a poem, and he used, and I was writing a song with those words too (very queer how it worked out).

  2. oh Katie! what a sweet Gift from your boyfriend!
    We were debating on Christmas day to see War horse or Sherlock Holmes. everyone keeps saying Sherlock homes was sooo good!!

  3. It is! It’s really great!
    I want to see War Horse, too. Being a big horse nut, I probably will see it sometime with my older sister.

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