Part 2. Favorite books for inspiration


Oh the joys of reading! Part 2

If you missed (Part one) Of some favorite books of mine (Check it out)

Let’s talk about reading shall we?

There once was a girl who cringed at the thought of reading. She would rather have blood drawn then read! Yes girl was strange and liked getting shots.

Where was I? Yes, reading. Once girl went through an extreme tragedy she began to devour her Bible as if it were food. Girl couldn’t get her hands on enough bible reading and books!

Girl has grown up (slowly) but still of course clings to her precious heavenly Father’s words and so much more!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite reads for inspiration


Streams in the desert devotional If anyone is going through hard trials this book is for you

A chance to die Amy Carmichael’s life. So inspiring!

The torn Veil Story of Gulshan Esther. Chilling

If by Amy Carmichael This book is short and quick little reads for the day. simply INCREDIBLE

Lost boy By Greg Laurie. He used to be our pastor at Harvest. His story is remarkable

Those are some Favorite reads for inspiration. I’ll give more favorites in the health department and then share more favorites for cooking/baking.

God Bless Love Marian<3

  1. i was JUST ranting about reading on my blog and asking for suggestions for my next book so thanks 🙂 Have you read anything by Francis Chan or Heaven is for Real?

    • Tasha how perfect is that?! No I haven’t read that or anything from Francis Chan. But Francis Chan is so anointed, I need to read something of his next 🙂 any good suggestions???

  2. My best friend says his book, Crazy Love is great! Let me know if you decide to read it, we could read it at the same time. 🙂

    • Tasha that would be fun to read it together. We are going to Orange County this weekend for Christmas and my mom has tons of books so I’ll have to check and see if she has that one on hand:) Thanks for the recommendation<3

      • yay you’re gonna be in so cal! ok let me know if you find it.

      • Ok I will<3 🙂

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