Peace on earth, good cookies to men

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Peace on Earth good Cookies to men.

So I had super ripe bananas! That only means one thing in this household. Baking!

Josh had his prayer group coming over and I bake for the guys every time. I would say it’s nice because they get cookies and I get left over cookies, but you know what? They never leave any! Eh well. But I baked these cookies for me all me muhahahhahah! and made sugar cookies for the boys. l’ll post the sugar cookies soon:)

Ok, onto this recipe shall we?

~Peace on Earth cookies~

Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip (vegan, gluten free, sugar free)

2 Large mashed bananas

1/3 cup melted earth balance

2 cups gluten free oats (if you want it GF)

4 Tblsp Dairy Free milk

1 tsp Vanilla

1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips

Optional you can add raisins, and or a pinch of cinnamon


Pre heat oven to 350 degrees

Mix all ingredients

Grease cookie sheet or cover with parchment paper

Bake for 18-20 minutes until lightly golden brown around edges. Be careful not to burn them:()



    • They really were so yummy! They didn’t last long that’s for sure:)

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    I love banana cookies! Some poeple don’t like banana in baked goods other than bread, but I’m not one of them 🙂

    • Oh then you’ve gotta try these! I love that bananas never have to go to waist:)

    • Yes I agree and these are actually pretty healthy if you ask me:()

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