Forever lovin




1 studded flats

2 miss match tops

3 knitted hat

I try to stay away from forever21 website but well you know, I’m a girl so that just aint happening.

Just 3 things out of many I want! I like to get done up but I’m also very casual. I’ve really been wanting a super cheesy knitted hat. Maybe I should just knit one huh?

Or maybe I should knit a scarf for Josh that he’s been asking for, well for 3 years now. (blushing) He may not have his knitted scarf but I do supply ample amounts of cookies! I love to bake and would bake for you too if you came over to hang out. Promise! just can’t promise I would knit you anything.


Have a beautiful Friday and weekend.

Love Marian<3

  1. Kit-Kat said:

    That picture of the baked goodie looks super yummy. I could use something like that to warm me up right now!
    Haha, my mom knits for me, so you needn’t worry about me asking you to knit something for me 😉

    • Hehe ok your mom can provide the knitted goods and I’ll provide the baked goods:)

  2. actorsdiet said:

    what IS that in the last pic? it looks gorgeous!

    • Lynn! Thank you! It’s vegan pumpkin pie! It was so good! But it did take me two attempts to get it right:()

    • Anna, your right, it is a pie:) its a vegan pumpkin pie and because we’re super cheap we use our wedding servers to dish it out. Lol oh well, I guess their getting good use .

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